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Possible engine conversions

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Im trying to find out what engine conversions are avaliable to the mk3 golf.
Would it be possible to fit SR20DET engine from a sunny gti-r into it?
If not does anyone know of any others that will fit.
thanks. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Possible engine conversions (mark nash)

well, no...not without an insane amount of fabrication and custom work. the only non-vw swap i've ever seen is a porsche 4 cyl. into a mk2...
just pick up a Performance VW Mag at your local Bookstore, I'm sure you can readily get them being from the UK...and check out what other people have done. 1.8t's, 3.2L VR6's...
Re: Possible engine conversions (mark nash)

why would you want an sr20 into a golf? are you being serious?
right now with the way gas prices are, you should look into doing a tdi swap.
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Re: Possible engine conversions (1sik95jetta)

Technically you could put just about any engine in a golf. I saw an S10 with a Twin turbocharged viper V-10 in it. There was a Mid-engine corvair with a 454 in it.
I personally can tell you there is an aweful lot of fab just in my MKIII 2.0Turbo build. (about 20 hours so far, and I am not an amatuer at metal work )
The amount of work to make an engine with completely different dimensions, wiring, and peripherals is definately a task. And chances are you will get flamed pretty bad for even mentioning a Nissan engine in the VW forums.
But, if that is what you want to do, then go for it. It would certainly be a lot more original than the majority of the Dubs on here.
iirc there was an sti engine in a eurovan. either that or it was a porsche engine... there was a video of it drifting, anybody know?
Re: Possible engine conversions (Vdubnewb)

Thanks for the help.
I'll look into it further now you've given me a bit of reasurance into it.
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