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Ok here's the deal...
My 84 GLi turns over easy and idles fine at 1000 rpms. But when I hit the gas the rpms drop and the engine "coughs" a bit. I opened the hood and modulated the throttle on the throttle body to hear where most of the noise was coming from. It sounds as though there's some "popping" in the air intake boot.
Maybe a problem with the air fuel mixture unit? It kinda sounds like it's maybe trying to get more air but can't?
After the car warms up, the problem goes away. We thought it might be clogged fuel injectors, so we added a bottle of Chevron Techron and a fresh tank of 93. I've only driven about 30 miles since then, so they might still be clogged? Oh yeah and it's already got a new fuel filter.
Please keep in mind that I'm still learning, so if any of this sounds silly, I apologize.

Thanks for the help,
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