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this isn't VW specific, its just for any1 in Mississauga, I'm sure lots of us would like to meet new ppl, and see new cars w/out driving and wasting gas money, as rice is concern, I've only posted it here and where rice is not really popular, and plz feel free to bring ur friends.
however, there are some stuff that I hope all of us can agree to, to make it things better, even if the meet does get shut down after a while, @ least we'll be able to meet some ppl.
and plz, try not to do illegal street racing after, we don't want police to shut us down because bad ass street racers gather around.
the rules
1)no littering, plz be considerate, so it'll be a better world
2)no reckless driving, no1 wants to get hit in a parking lot while gettin donutz.
3)you are more than welcome to bring friends, hell, tell as many friends as u can, we'll make it all nice, but PLZ tell them the rules.
4)no sasauge fest, ****ing bring females.
5)no fights, wanna fight? go else where.
6)if officers ask us to leave, we'll do so nicely, no need to get things ugly
as location, KK is #1 choice, but J-body club has been kicked out before, so we might have to consider alternative location, basically I would like it to be around Mavis & Britania, its central for every1, even for ppl from Brampton or KW. And it will be on fridays, for those of us who work during weekdays.
so post up wat u think
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