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Re: Possible New Video? (GRVR6)

The R32 had been moving for a good minute or so, I am not picking on the r32, I just thought it was funny that the audi had to be in the video at all, especially passing the featured auto! Really of all cars to pass the R32 this is its closest competitor and the one that many will shop against the R32 when they have to lay down 30 grand or so. Don't even bring up that VW is a different market then Audi because at 30 grand + for a 165 inch car people will look at both. Given the VW is cheaper, but 30 grand is alot of money for a car without a great service department to kiss your as* like at an Audi dealership. What VW has to hope for is that the Audi crowd will give a glance toward VW, not VW'rs stretching to afford an Audi price tag, instead of an Audi.
That is why I found it funny to have a TT pass a R32 in this video.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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