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Re: Possibly the 2nd worst dealership. Trans Ocean in Pasadena. (bora6)

Trans Ocean used to be pretty good a few years ago...new it just went all bad

Their service department is first come first serve.... so don't bother to make any appointment...
Last time i went there to fix some noise problem, i made a appointment 1 week ahead and arrive at 10am as they told me. I even offer them that i will take a ride with one of the personnel to locate the noise. You know what they told me ? Our special train personnel can do the job so i leave.... at 3pm i call them, they told me they haven't touch my car yet...i ask them why they want the car so early if they don't have time to do anything on it. they told me when i arrive there are 50 people ahead of me already..... so......
"yea right, when i was there there are not even 20 car in the lot"
Anyway.. around 5pm i finally got a call from them and went pick up my car... after i get my key and drive out the lot, i find out the noise are still there. I went back to ask their service advicer about what happen, he told me our special train personnel can't find it you need to make another appointment and take a ride with him.... " when i got the car, the A/C are on 4 and Music is super loud, their special train personnal most be haveing pretty good time test driveing my car "
So i write a pretty strong E-Mail to VW and went to Puente Hill VW and fix the problem.
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