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Re: Possibly the 2nd worst dealership. Trans Ocean in Pasadena. (ImRollin)

Here is a list of what was wrong on the car.
1. CEL is on. No performance issues with the car Asked dealer to check and they don't know why its on. Seems like they could check and at least tell you what it says. You'll pay for that BTW...
2. CD changer broke. Dealer response get a new one Whatcha gonna do? Might as well replace it. God knows they're not cracking them open to fix them.
3. Front passenger seat cable is broke therefore seat does not move back and forth. Ask dealer to fix their response will not fix because I had the seats reupholstered. I'd get the local service rep involved. But I'd imagine their reluctance has something to do w/the airbags-what exactly? Dunno
4. Loud clunking in the front when I make sharp turns. I assume it is the strut bearing because I can see that they are sticking out. Dealer will not even attempt to check this out. Offer to PAY for the diagnostic work.
I'd also try another dealer altogether...
Mind you the car is not under warranty so I don't have an issue with paying to fix the car. What do you guys think I should do at this point? Also they ahve worked on my car in the past and never had a problem with the aftermarker products. In fact they even did warranty work before.
If you haven't, ask WHY a LOT. If they have no reason, then maybe they'll rethink their wholesale "no's" and give it a try.
And be nice. In fact, give them more respect than they deserve. They have the keys to the kingdom here. You don't. If you're a demanding ass, you'll be a demanding ass w/a CEL, bad seat, bad CD, and clunks

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