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powder coating

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to anybody that has had their wheels power coated. how much did it cost. *per wheel...and pics if you have any
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Re: powder coating (vwgolfnut)

I did not powdercoat my wheels but I know people who did and average price is around $50 per wheel...
So you're looking at around $200 to $250 for all 4 but there could be cheaper places if you shop around
Re: powder coating (Ted)

ted's about right for pricing, provided they have the color u want in stock, and your wheels are in excellent shape.
if its a custom color, expect to pay more, if your wheels need to b refinished, expect to pay more, if u want clear coating on top of the powdercoat, expect to pay more
Re: powder coating (panic)

I paid $75 a wheel. That included prep work and powdercoating in glossy black. Prices can vary, I have heard of guys paying upwards of $100 per wheel.
Re: powder coating (tram)

I was always under the impression that to powdercoat a peice it had to be down to the bare matal and very clean. Is this true? If so is the prepwork included in the price? I would think that if you had a sand blaster and some time, (like I do) you could save a lot of $$$.
Any idea how tough it is to take Borbet's paint off?
Re: powder coating (Dieder)

The place that did mine did all the prep work inlcuding the blasting. I never actually asked if they have to remove every last bit of finish but I would think that is probably how it is done. I imagine if the old finish was left it would blister when in the oven.
Re: powder coating (tram)

I had 5 steelies done for my old Beetle; The guy is a friend of mine and charged me $225 for all 5 including blasting & prep. I have since done one more at home(with Eastwood's "Hot Coat" kit) - Sub it out, wheels are a royal pain to blast clean! By the way, I use aluminum oxide as a blasting media for steel, but recommend using glass bead for aluminum.
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