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Experiencing some electrical problems with my 2009 VW Golf. I was driving the other day and power went out for a split second when I turned on my high beams then vehicle turned back on. Occasionally my rear defrost will be on when I start my vehicle (I push the button on and off and it still stays on). I assume these two problems are connected? I also tried to induce this same problem by pushing the 4-way blinkers on and it did turn off the cars power and then turn back on. Things are very intermittent.

The local VW shop found that the battery was the original and did tests - Found that it should be replaced. Thats the only thing that was done to try and solve my problem. Has this same problem happened to anyone out there??

Also where can a person find the wiring schematic for a 2009 golf? On things like the rear defrost and 4 way blinkers?

Thanks in advance.
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