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4 of these bad boys:

Polk Audio Polk MOMO db6500
Overall Frequency Response 40Hz-22KHz
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Power Handling (continuous) 100 w
Power Handling (peak) 300 w
Efficiency 92 dB

(more info here: http://www.polkaudio.com/car/p...b6500 )
Run by this amp:

LEGACY 1200 Watt High Performance 4 Channel Full MOSEFT Amplifier
4 Channel Amplification
4 x 300 Watts output
2 x 600 Watts Bridged Output
1200 Watts Total Output
Polished Chrome Finish w/Plexiglass Panel
Fully Adjustable Electronic Crossover Network
Bass Boost (0-+1808 @ 60Hz)
Soft Turn On/Off Circuit
Fan Cooling System
Left & Right Power Meters
2 Ohm Stereo Stable
Bridgeable Into 4 Ohm
Moseft PWM Power Supplies
Variable Gain Control
Remote Turn On/Off
Hi/Low Level Inputs
Power On LED Indicator
LED Protection Indicator
Dimensions: 11"W x 2.4"D x 17"H
2 Years Manufacturer Warranty Parts and Labor

Would the amp be enough?
Is it a decent quality AMP?
Do you recommend something else that is *reasonably priced* ?

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Legacy Amps in my opinion are garbage... If you are going to run good components I would advise you to run them off a decent amp... If you want a good entry level amp check out Rockford, MTX, Soundstream, or if you want to spend a little more maybe Hifonics, JBL, or JL audio... Those would be my choices, but everyone has there own opinions on which amps they like..

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Re: Power maxxed but audio newbie: would this amp work for these speakers? Thanks! (jettafanatic)

That is a lot of amp for those speakers. The speakers are rated at 300 watts max and if you ran the amp in 4 channel mode you would be sending 300 watts to each.
I would say that you want to have speakers that can handle a little more than the amp can deliver.
I have never used either so I can not speak in detail about their performance.

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Re: (jettafanatic)

How about this amp:
Power Acoustik LT960/4

Diamond Cut Heatsink with Powder-Coated Insets
Blue Backlit End Panels and Top Controls
PWM Mosfet Power Supply
Variable 30-500 Hz Low-Pass Crossovers
Variable 50-500 Hz High-Pass Crossovers
Top Mounted Controls with Removable Clear Cover
Variable 60-200 Hz Subsonic Filters
Variable 24 dB Bass Boosts
Tri-Mode Capable
2-Ohm Stereo / 4-Ohm Mono Stable
3-Way Protection Circuit
Gold-Plated Input Terminals
2-Channel / 4-Channel Input Switch
4 Gauge Power and Ground Connections
RCA Outputs

Multi-Channel Amp Specifications

Amplifier Type: Multi-Channel
RMS Power: 100W x 4
Bridged RMS Power: 250W x 2
THD at Rated RMS Power: 0.02 %
Speaker Level Inputs: No
Preamp Outputs: Yes
Built-In Crossovers: HP/LP
Bass Boost: 0 - 24 dB
Frequency Response: 10-30,000 Hz
Channel Separation: n/a
Signal to Noise Ratio: 98 dB
It does not menation peak Watts, but I guess 100 W RMS per channel would be "perfect" for the speakers (since they mention 100 Watts mean)?
Sorry for all the questions, but while my forte is engine s/ tuning, I understand nothing of electronics / audio.

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Yeah if your speakers are calling for 100 watts rms and your amp is putting out 100 watts RMS to each speaker you should be good to go!! Although you would be fine with even 50 - 60 watts rms per channel if you stick with a decent brand of amplifier...
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