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power seat gremlins, comments please...

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2001.5 GLX - power seat glitch!?!
i have tried reinitializing it a number of times (moving seat all the way up, forward, etc...."double clicking" the buttons to make sure they went all the way thru their full range of travel)
here are the symptoms: 1) driver's power seat is "remembering" some wild ass positions i never programmed in! it will drop all the way down and back or move way up and forward when i use one of the MEM 1,2,3 buttons. 2) i cannot reprogram over them. i'll go thru the motions and get the confirmation beep but it will not override these other settings. 3) the MEM OFF button is jacked up. when it's UP it is MEM OFF and when it's DOWN it is MEM ON. to prevent the seat from resetting itself when i use the remote to open the car, i have to keep the MEM OFF button "OFF" (UP). normally when the MEM OFF button is DOWN, this will disable the memory functions. it's opposite
4) i've had no luck trying to reprogram the key either. even after reintitializing the seats, trying to store new positions, and then immediately trying to reprogram the key, it still activates the "mystery" settings.
with all the electronic systems in the car, i was afraid to disconnect the battery for awhile to see what that would do. i would have mentioned this at my recent 15K service but i had a list of other more pressing issues and i had not tried the reinitialization process at that point. any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: power seat gremlins, comments please... (VeeDubDude)

Unless I've read yor post inside out, I don't think anything wrong with your mem
seat on/off switch. Pressed IN - memory functions are able to be set. Press again, now in UPPER position - memory function off; use this position if you don't want your key setting to move the seat each time you open the passenger door; after locking/unlocking. I found the seat memory setting to be the most frustrating accessary when I first got my car.
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