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power steering fluid....

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(I did the searches, I need more information)
Steering to the right is harder then steering to the left.
I checked my power steering fluid level....and it was just a little bit over the MIN line.
Is this okay? Should the level exactly be in the middle between MIN and MAX?
If I need more ps fluid the manual says that you cannot just add it....so then what else has to be done? flush it totally then add it??

p.s. i thought that if u had ps fluid problems, then steering would be harder both ways?
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Re: power steering fluid.... (eddiemiller)

I am pretty sure that all A3s use the special CHF PS fluid, so DONT use DOT fluids. If you cannot find the CHF brand fluid (in a green can...hard to find, try a VW specialist place) go get the stuff from the dealer. It is really expensive, but you can just add it, it won't hurt as long as you use the correct stuff.
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