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power steering fluid....

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(I did the searches, I need more information)
Steering to the right is harder then steering to the left.
I checked my power steering fluid level....and it was just a little bit over the MIN line.
Is this okay? Should the level exactly be in the middle between MIN and MAX?
If I need more ps fluid the manual says that you cannot just add it....so then what else has to be done? flush it totally then add it??

p.s. i thought that if u had ps fluid problems, then steering would be harder both ways?
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Re: power steering fluid.... (eddiemiller)

Re: power steering fluid.... (Guvs97JettaGT)

im guess the level the power steering fluid should be at is right in the middle of the MIN and MAX line, in the ps dipstick?
The level in my car right now, is just a little bit above the MIN line...is this okay??

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