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I was driving the other day & hit a bump & power steering went out. Looked under the front of the car & saw that the hard line came undone from the soft line thus causing all the ps fluid to spill out.
Drove about two miles to closest gas station & put some fluid in after reconnecting the hose of course & Power Steering functioned fine again.
Last night i got in my car to drive it for the first time since then & sounds like the pump is making a horrible screeching noise at idle. Gets a little worse when i turn the wheel. The steering wheel when turned feels like it's a little rigid, but still has working power steering.
do you think my pump is fried? or whats the issue?
any help's greatly appreciated http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: power steering issue (4thTry)

The power steering hoses are all crimped together, except for where they attach to the pump, the tank, and the steering rack.
How did it come apart, previous Mickey Mouse Mod/Repair? Or did an original hose fail from old age or road damage?
So you drove about two miles and poured some power steering fluid in. Did you get the special VW Pentosin, or did you pour in some cheap generic power steering fluid? How much did you pour in?
Did you fill it to the full marker, and did you burp to remove the air from the power steering system? Are you sure you fixed the leak? Did you replace the broken line?
I've found that proper repairs very often fix problems that may seem to be unrelated.
RockAuto has the high pressure power steering line for $20, plus shipping. There's no reason to drive around with a broken or leaking line.
VW specifies Pentosin for the power steering, NOT GENERIC POWER Steering FLUID. It's entirely possibly that the power steering pump and/or the steering rack have been damaged. If they are, I suggest a proper repair with a rebuilt (or good used power steering pump and steering rack, new power steering line, and refilling with Pentosin (about 1 liter).
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