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Hey all. :) My A4 B6 1.8T (BFB 120KW) was my mothers car for most of its life until she bought new car and left "the old one" sitting in the back yard. After like 6 years of deep sleep (was driven only by my father like once a month to keep some life in it), I got my driver licence and bought it from her. Everything was in a quite nice shape and I only paid like 2k USD (I am from Europe) to fix her up. Since then, we have done about 20k km and I have done almost all the maintenance by myself (like manual 5 speed trans oil change and BKR6E sparkplugs instead of old double platinum Bosh).

I started to think about getting custom tune (not from garage, but from the reputable shop) and their rule is "when there is something wrong with your car, we will not do the tune" and you pay only for test (about 100USD). I asked them what should I check before visiting them to save my money and their time. They told me to check for Vacuum leaks and to test turbo. Well, I grabbed my cable and started to test (after driving for 30 minutes). My MAF takes exactly 10.02 while holding the engine at 3k rpm while standing still.

The second test was boost. My car was asking for 1640mbar of boost and got about 1580mbar in first gear (without atmospheric pressure, which is about 1000mbar here, it means my car asked for 7,8PSI of boost but got 7PSI)

Is it okay? :)

Here is graph with my handwriting.


and here is one without ->


Thanks a lot for reading! :)

PS: I am still learning how to do stuff, please correct me if I am wrong, I am IT tech guy and car fan, university student from Europe with half time job so please, go ahead and correct whatever I said wrong, I am looking forward to learn new things. :)
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