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Pro Kit and Dampers. Hows the ride?

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really considering Eibach Pro kit and Pro Dampers as my first mod soon to be followed by new wheels/tires.
with the new suspension setup, how will my ride differ from my stock B5.5?
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Re: Pro Kit and Dampers. Hows the ride? (jexx)

I'd love to know too! I've long considered this. I'd like something slightly firmer than an A4 sport, but not too low, with a fairly forgiving ride.
Re: Pro Kit and Dampers. Hows the ride? (jexx)

I have a 99 Passat 1.8T Variant with Neuspeed springs and Bilstein shocks, making the car ride slightly firmer down the road but MUCH more fun on the twisties and onramps. I also have a 00 Jetta VR6 with both Eibach springs and shocks. This combo made the ride ever -so-slightly firmer but made the nose-heavy VR6 much more "fun", also. FYI, I'm a guy in my forties who didn't want to get a real stiff-riding car, and I'm happy with both set-ups. Hope this helps!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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