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Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months

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I probably wouldn't read this unless you want useless info, skip to the bottom for the quesh
Well here's the saga.... lets see here, it basically began when driving to class my car suddenly wouldn't go into gear, found out a while later that the reason for that is I sheered off the bolts on my differential which in turn bounced around and shot out of my transmission leaving behind two large holes. So that was replaced along with my clutch of 110k miles. Got the car home and two days later, that's right some M*****F***** broke into my car and stole all my stuff: stereo, cds, sunglasses, amp, and subs. The only thing I got money for was my cds and sunglasses. Then my fuel pump went bad... actually that was bad before the tranny but didn't get replaced until after. Well my car is a 90 Jetta and it has two pumps, aparently the $40 pump in the fuel tank generally goes bad without you knowing it until your other(something like $180) pump goes bad. So replaced those. Then replace the alternator belt and the power steering belt which had been frayed and well at that point my powersteering pump decided it would start to go. which lead to a current problem I ran into tonight. I backed into a 91 325 BMW because, well, keepin it easy, because of my power steering.
Oh, yeah I forgot to mention, my car is burning oil. But, as of right now, I don't have the money to fix it so it's gonna have to wait.
And for the final problem is today I was driving and noticed my car hits a point where it stops accelerating faster. It accelerates at one constant speed whether I have the throttle to the floor or not. I don' know what could be causing it I heard possibly something about the bearings being worn? and so the axle doesn't spin right. I don't know.... anyone have any clues to what could be goin wrong? I'd appreciate it very much.
P.S. sorry for the saga, I had to get it out.
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Re: Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months (manbastard)

auto or manual?
explain the problem more. is this rpm dependent, speed dependent, whatcha talking about. u mean it sticks and keep going wether you have it floored or not? i am confused.
Re: Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months (The_Hamster)

OK sorry, I'll explain a little better, well, I have 5-speed 8v what it's doing is.... I'll floor it and it accelerates liek I'm barely pushing on the throttle. In second gear around the 3000rmp I could punch it and I'd get pretty good power. Now at that point or any point for that matter, when I floor it the car accelerates very slow. You can hear the engine workin harder but it isn't getting it anymore power... does that make sense?
Re: Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months (manbastard)

Sounds like the clutch is slipping. Do you get any funny smells?
Re: Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months (Vdubs)

Pretty sure it's not the clutch slippin' it's a brand new clutch prob like 500 miles on it if that.
Re: Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months (duff_man2000)

LOL ok no one is reading my story I guess.... Or the prior posts of mine. Replaced the tranny with a rebuilt 96 tranny and a new clutch about 2 months ago.
Re: Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months (manbastard)

Well i read all of your post and that is why i say it sounds like the clutch slipping, just cus it's new means nothing not everthing new is good apart from the fact it could have been fitted wrong. Does it smell? Has the clutch got freeplay?
Re: Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months (1992jetta-2)

I burnt a clutch up in a very short time when I had a new one installed at the shop.
They never explained free-play to me, or how after a couple hundred miles you should check the play on a new clutch as it wears in

Check the amount of play in the cable, and adjust it if needed.
If the RPMS of the engine are climbing, but the car isn't accelerating, it is almost for sure the clutch.
If the engine is sounding loaded down, but you aren't going very fast, it sounds like the e-brake is on...or a hanging caliper, or a bad bearing (very bad???), or something is causing a load on the engine.

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Re: Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months (manbastard)

i've had the same problem on my 90 jetta. you've probably got a bad headgasket or blow-by in your piston rings.
Re: Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months (natedog01nse)

wtf... why did you bump this old thread...
And as ever the originator of the post never came back to his post so it was a waste of time then aswell.
Re: Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months (manbastard)

If the engine is reving, but the car isnt accelerating to match the revs, id say its either something internal in the re-built tranny or a slipping clutch. It could be either mis-adjusted, not installed correctly, or the rear main seal could be puking oil into the bell housing and on the clutch disk.. I usually replace the main seal when i install a clutch if its leaking, but most garages dont want to mess with it so they rarely check when its apart.
Is it not accelerating when you take off from a stop or is it while you are already moving, or both??
if you accelerate and it doesnt even rev, it just bogs, it could be a lot of things. either your spark plugs are fouled from brning oil, dist. cap or rotor are bad, fuel filters clogged (should have been replaced with the pump, though), you have a leaky injector,or for some other reason the motors taking in too much fuel.. or bad timing, stretched timing belt, bad O2 sensor, etc. Id start with the plugs. If they look dry, check the oil and see if it has a gasoline smell to it. If so, for some reason the car is running verry rich.
If your barings are worn, yo WILL hear them. If you cancoast along without the radio on (not hard to do with it being stolen..
) and you hear a really low, verry pronounced grinding/graoning sound, your bearings are bad. i wouldnt think they would be bad enoug to effect accelration, but nothing surprises me anymore.
the thing about dubs, especially A2's, is that while they are great cars and built verry well, at this age they are getting cranky, and can verry easily nickle and dime you to death. This isnt an issue if you can do your own work, so it might be time to just pick up a haynes manual and a wrench and gain a first hand appreciation (or frustration) for the engineering of the car

any way-good luck, hope this helps some
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Re: (Vdubs)

Quote, originally posted by Vdubs »
And as ever the originator of the post never came back to his post so it was a waste of time then aswell.

DOH! sorry guys.. should have read the whole post, diddnt even realise it was old.
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Re: Problem #4,278,461,135 in the past three months (natedog01nse)

Quote, originally posted by natedog01nse »
i've had the same problem on my 90 jetta. you've probably got a bad headgasket or blow-by in your piston rings.

i think he might have figured it out already, he had 2 years to do it...
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