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problem:no airbag if u change sparco seat

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anyone can solve this problem?please help!
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Re: problem:no airbag if u change sparco seat (333)

Your whole air bag system will not work without the seat airbag pluged in. The airbag control module checkes the resistence in all the air bags before it turns the lite out. So you can fool it in one of two ways. Remove the air bag from the old seat and cut out the bag from the module and put it under the seat. {pluged in} the control module will still see that you have an air bag so the lite goes out. In an accident all the rest of the bags will work ok but the one with no bag will just go bang-no bag! Or substitute a resistor with the same resistence as the air bag unit so the control module thinks there is an air bag there-lite goes out! Hope that helps.?
Re: problem:no airbag if u change sparco seat (333)

Well if you're asking if it can be solved without loosing the side airbag, the answer is 'no'. So if you're going to get Sparcos, you'll just have to accept the fact that you're not going to have side airbags anymore. But there's more to think about in this matter than just safety...
I did some research a while back about the Sparco Torinos which I was considering for my Jetta. I decided not to get them, and safety was one of the reasons. I also was turned away by the price, and by possible legal issues. From the research I did, I found out that you absolutely cannot remove any safety equipment that came with the vehicle (at least here in NJ.. I'm not sure about other states/countries). Obviously that includes airbags. Now there's no telling what might happen when you go for inspection. Some places might not realize that there is anything out of the ordinary. Some might notice that the seats are aftermarket, but they might not know that there were originally airbags in the stock seats.
Basically that's the risk you take in getting these seats. You definitely lose your side airbags altogether, and there COULD be problems with inspection, warranties, etc. Personally, I couldn't live with the possibility of getting hurt (or my passenger getting hurt) as a result of 2 of my airbags being removed, and I can think of lots of other things to do with the money it would cost to get Sparcos. Basically it seemed like too much to worry about just to have some nice seats.
Sorry for the long post.. I just wanted to share the info I found when I was researching because it's definitely stuff you'll need to think about if you get aftermarket seats.
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