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Problem with door handles on 2000 Golf GLS

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Hello - anyone else having a problem with the door handle not opening the door on the first tug. I have had it in once, they did some adjustments, it worked for a bit...now it is not working properly again.
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Re: Problem with door handles on 2000 Golf GLS (kirkinner)

I just got my car back today from the dealer for the same exact problem (3rd time I've taken it in for this by the way ). According to the service manager, it's a widespread issue with the door lock. Attributes it to another cheap vw part which doesn't allow the lock to pop-up all the way,,,hence your tug problem. Let them know the lock needs to be completely replaced,,,an adjustment will not suffice.
If they still don't know what you're talking about, I've got the part numbers for the replacement.
Good luck
Re: Problem with door handles on 2000 Golf GLS (RENZO1200)

Perhaps I should get the part information from you, and any other tidbits you can offer up, such as how many times it was repaired, etc.
Sometimes the dealership can be a bit difficult to deal with - especially when it come to replacing parts.
Thanks for your help.
Re: Problem with door handles on 2000 Golf GLS (kirkinner)

Had the same problem intially with my car. I had completely forgotten about it until you brought it up. Yet another fault. Regardless. Mine was readjusted at my first service and I've had no reoccurance. The feel of the handle upon opening changed completely with the adjustment. Before there was a definite difference between the passanger side front and rears and the effected door..the front drivers (I have a Golf 1.8T if the door count has thrown you). They did not replace anything that I know of and there is nothing on the invoice.
Re: Problem with door handles on 2000 Golf GLS (kirkinner)

I'm convinced you're having the same identical problem I experienced with my 2.0 Jetta. I took my car in 3 times for the same problem. The first the two times, the tech who worked on my car was obviously an idiot, because he kept telling me the door handle was working fine and there was no problem.
They were incoherent to the fact that the door lock was the problem and not the handle. The dealership never bothered to dig a little deeper and look at the entire door. So, finally the third time, I approached the supervisor and he looked at it himself and realized it was the lock.
At this time, I was outside of my warranty. Since, I had documented the problem earlier in my warranty, they had no option but to fix it. Lesson here,,,always report even the smallest problem.
Anyhoot, adjustments or whatever they claimed they did to your car will not fix it. Let them know the lock absolutely needs to be replaced. Here's the part number if necessary. 3B1-827-016-BH
FC (this was next to the part number, so I don't know if they'll need it) 5718400002
Good luck and let me know if you need any help.
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Re: Problem with door handles on 2000 Golf GLS (RENZO1200)

Same here, I took it to the dealer twice and they did nothing to fix it. Sprayed it with some stuff but it takes about three times for the rear to open from the outside. Sometimes it won't even lock when I lock my car...
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