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Hello my friends, i want to address this problem i'm currently having.
I just recently unlocked my GAMMA 3 radio, and it worked amazingly. Yesterday when i wanted to turn the radio on, it was getting no power, i messed around with the knobs and buttons and it somehow turned on. Today when i woke up and went to turn on my radio again, it doesn't want to work again.
Is there some button combination that i have to do to make it turn on? This problem accures some time at night, and when i wake up to go turn it on it doesn't want to. The RDS MSS blinks which is normal, but when i turn the volume knob, which turns the radio on, doesn't. Anybody got suggestions how to fix this problem? Thanks :)
(forgot to mention, i did take out the radio and checked the wiring, everything was fine. i don't know why it doesn't want to work.)
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