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I was there in 2011. They were nothing but civil. SoWo doesn't even compare to what I saw when I was there. Constant Burnouts (Gummi), piles of trash, lots of issues.
I have been to the real Worthersee the last 7 years in a row and the last 8 H2O, previously I went to Waterfest 7 years in a row.

I will agree there is a lot of trash thrown down along the streets in Reifnitz and the area around the Shell and a fair share of burnouts but that is the extent of the problems. Nothing like all the thefts and Supras crashing into hotel stairs, couches in the pool, fire extinguishers unloaded into hotel halls etc. The level and extent of mischief is much more mild and damaging at the European shows than what you find in the US.
Would you rather have a stubbed toe or a broken leg?
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