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Re: Problems w/steering (antsg60)

My 90 G60 has the same/similar problem. The steering used to be really tight. But now the steering feels like it has a little play and just feels loose. I don't know how else to describe it. When driving on the highway...let's say 65 mph...I can move the steering wheel side to side, and it's like there is a slight delay in steering response. I've had almost everything on the front suspension replaced....ball joints, control arm bushing, struts, VR6 strut bearing kit, tie rods...even the rack was replaced with a used rack.
I have a TRW rack, and there is an large adjustment bolt (27mm? allen bolt)on it that I believe "tightens" the rack...but I haven't had a chance to mess around with it yet.
It sucks having a car like a Corrado and have sloppy steering....kinda defeats the purpose, huh? Let us know if you find the culprit.
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