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Problems - Windshield Haze

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Ok, so I've gone to the dealer twice and they cant do anything. On rainy days, when light hits my windshield, the glass turns white and i cant see through. I've about had enough and i only have 2000 more miles till my B2B is up. Has anyone else seen this or have a solution??? I'm about ready to demand that they replace my windshield!!!
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Re: Problems - Windshield Haze (GetSmurfed)

What have you cleaned it with? Is it on the inside or the outside of the glass? Is it surface haze or an imperfection in the glass?
Re: Problems - Windshield Haze (GetSmurfed)

quote:[HR][/HR]It's on the outside of the glass. it's only where the wipers contact the glass, but where they overlap looks better... When I clean the glass it getts a little better, but within a week its back to the bad haze[HR][/HR]​
How often do you clean your windshield wipers?
Have you put anything on your windshield like Rain-X or a similar product?
What do you normally clean your glass with?
You should be cleaning your wipers no less than once a month with a rag and rubbing alcohol. Most people find that doing this fixes most of their problems.
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