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Problems - Windshield Haze

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Ok, so I've gone to the dealer twice and they cant do anything. On rainy days, when light hits my windshield, the glass turns white and i cant see through. I've about had enough and i only have 2000 more miles till my B2B is up. Has anyone else seen this or have a solution??? I'm about ready to demand that they replace my windshield!!!
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Re: Problems - Windshield Haze (GetSmurfed)

I've heard a few recommendations for this problem... I've only tried the first one, so mabye someone else can give detail the others.
1. Comet powder + a little water = paste. Scrub paste onto exterior glass with a kitchen sponge and rinse off.
2. lighter fluid? Apparently this is the ONLY stuff that will remove Rain-X.
3. A heavy vinegar & water mixture.
Also, when cleaning the glass regulary, don't use household glass products like Windex. Try an automotive glass cleaner like Stoners Invisible Glass, or Eagle One 20/20. You may also want to replace your wiper blades. Old oxidized blades suck!
Hope this helps.
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