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Problems - Windshield Haze

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Ok, so I've gone to the dealer twice and they cant do anything. On rainy days, when light hits my windshield, the glass turns white and i cant see through. I've about had enough and i only have 2000 more miles till my B2B is up. Has anyone else seen this or have a solution??? I'm about ready to demand that they replace my windshield!!!
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Re: Problems - Windshield Haze (DrewD)

Been there before...so here is the lowdown:
the haze on your windshield is most likely from wax runoff or if you goto to a car wash..its the overspray of the hot wax on your windshield. This creates a film on your windshield which the wipers create a haze everytime they pass.
What you should do is:
Go to the auto parts store and goto to the wipers section and browse around for Rain X....then you will be in the ballpark. Now, look for a windshield cleaner..Rain X has one in a white bottle but there is also a blue paste in a white and black tube which is a windshield compound.
These pastes have micro abrasives that will scrub the windshield clean and remove the waxy or oily residue on the windshield.
After doing so, you should hose off the residue and the water should "sheet" off your windshield. NOT bead like a fresh wax job on your paint. Then take the paste and clean your wiper refils with them as well.
Good luck.
PS. PS21 Windshield Washer Booster is great. Picked it up at KAR Parts.
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Re: Problems - Windshield Haze (JosephShaw)

Yeah, to make sure you are not using Rain X b/c when it wears off there is usually a haze that is noticeable during nighttime driving.
I heard about the rubbing alcohol but I would be concerned about the alcohol prematurely drying out the wiper refill. I mean it won't happen within a couple of applications but to do it once a month sounds a bit much for the alcohol to come in contact with the rubber refill.
The rubber refill needs to be flexible so it flexes back and forth on its wiping strokes.
Nevertheless our suggestions are going to help.
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