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Problems with 87' 8V GTI HELP!!!

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I have a 87 8v GTI. The car dies after 4000RPM, it has no power. Once in a while bluish smoke comes from exhaust but not all the time. The car consumes a guart of oil in about a week. Also when I fill with oil to mark on the dip stick, the car is very sluggish. But when oil is low the car feels a lot better. Also I replaced the clutch and the pedal is still very stiff? What is it? Also is it very hard to rebuild the cylinder head if valve seals are what is causing the bluish smoke. I might want to do a ABA block swap! I have a 1.8 16v head that I just resently aquired. Will that work on top of a ABA block?
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Re: Problems with 87' 8V GTI HELP!!! (luismr)

sounds like you have the wrong length dipstick. double check the length. it would be sluggish when full because the crank is dipping into the oil and frothing the oil or foaming the oil. this may have caused excessive internal pressure blowing your oil seals out. i'll bet your leaks are at both ends of your crank??
start with the correct dipstick length. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: Problems with 87' 8V GTI HELP!!! (luismr)

The pressure relief on the oil pump might be bad. I had a bad one and when the car was cold and above 3k it would pump up the lifters and float the valves and barely run... Just a thought...
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