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ok people...i gots a few problems....looking for some ideas before i have to bring it in to the dealer. just recently my nb started not running right...as in...when its really cold...i hit the gas and it hesitates so much that it actually bucks and just barely goes anywhere. once its warmed up, it goes...but it doesn't rev nearly as quick as it used to and i can still feel it hesitating like its intermittently getting fuel. i figured maybe it was some moisture in the gas so i threw in a bottle of dry gas...no luck. i'm thinking maybe i just got some bad gas...but i doubt it. any ideas?
just to give you a little info...its a 99nb with just under 85k miles, running mobil 1 5w-30.
any ideas would be superrad.
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Re: problems (D RoCk1313)

sounds like a failing sensor. A Vag-Com will probably tell you which...
You're not getting any CEL's? That's odd, must be registered as 'intermittent'. I bet the Vag1551 will find the problem...
Re: problems (noR)

sorry. i DO have a CEL...but its my O2 sensor...and its getting replaced next week...i didn't think that the O2 sensor would make it run crappy tho. i dunno. i guess i'll just have them check it out when i get the sensor replaced.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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