It may be just a box to tick for some, but when it comes to properly modifying a car, the intake system just might be one of the most important pieces you install.  Get it right, and the gains could be impressive.  But get it wrong, and incorrect MAF readings can actually cause a loss in power, and the occasional misfire.  Needless to say, when it came to selecting one for our Project Golf SportWagen , we took the choice quite seriously.

As Philadelphia-based tuner AWE Tuning was already developing their 1.8T Performance Exhaust and Downpipe on our car, we though it only made sense that they also take some time to test their MQB S-FLO Carbon Intake on our car as well.  With APR's Stage 2 software file being an inevitable upgrade for our little four-cylinder, we needed to make sure that AWE's kit would be up to snuff, flowing the amount of air we'd need to achieve all of the advertised 85hp and 103tq gains.


With the tests completed and AWE Tuning's MQB S-FLO Carbon Intake installed on our car, we immediately noticed a difference in sound, as the turbo spool was enhanced- an enhancement that would only be multiplied with stage 2 was installed and the turbo working much harder.  While this was more of a simple fitment update, the piece was sadly not dyno-tested to measure any performance gains.  That said, AWE claims it should be good for about 10hp, and after driving the car with just the S-FLO installed, we believe them.

After having the system on our car for a few thousand miles, the lion's share with APR's Stage 2 performance software installed, we can happily say that the intake has worked flawlessly.  More than just a good looking piece lurking under the bonnet, AWE Tuning's MQB S-FLO Carbon Intake has stood up to anything thrown it's way, be it acceleration pulls on the highway, or part-throttle commuting.

To learn more about AWE Tuning's MQB S-FLO Carbon Intake, click here.