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profile amps?

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i already did a search and could not find anything. what do people think(if anybody) of the profile california series amps. i am looking to upgrade and dont have muich money
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Re: profile amps? (bdjst4)

quote:[HR][/HR]You get what you pay for.... *just my opinion*[HR][/HR]​
Re: profile amps? (vdubin90)

Actually they are just ok, not real high quality, but if your running a sub, it'll do the job. I would never hook up a profile amp to a set Diamond Audio, Vifa, MB Quart. etc, etc....
Re: profile amps? (Lexi)

quote:[HR][/HR]If you want to upgrade [from what ?] and not spend much money here's what you do. Go to ebay and pick up some of the older Rockford Fosgate amps that are the black waffle style. They're the best they've ever made and at bargain prices.
Better than any Profile amp you'll find at any price. I've owned a few of these RF amps in my day and I highly recommend them
I disaggree, Rockfords Punch and Power lines were their best. The bad chrome mamma jamma POWER 1000.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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