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Ive had the car for a little over 2 years now and feel like I have enough of a transformation to start one of these :D


} Forge Diverter Valve
} Forge Catch Can
} Noise Pipe Delete
} 3” Catless Downpipe
} APR Full ECU Upgrade
} S3 Intercooler
} Forge Twintake CAI
} ATP Catback Exhaust

Eurojet PCV Fix
BSH True Seal CAI
Forge Spacer
Neuspeed P-Flo CAI


} AWE Boost Gauge
} Golf Ball Shifter
} Euro R32 Tails
} Inpro Smoked Turn Signals
} LED City Lights
} Nokya H7 FTP Lights
} R32 Rear
} R32 Front
} Color Matched Lowers
} Color Matched Sidemarkers
} Euro Switch
} Slotted Rotors
} Black Straight Wood Interior


Votex Lip
Votex Rear
Nokya Hyper Yellow Fog Lights
Projector Fogs

} Air Lift Front Slams
} Air Lift Performance Rears
} Accuair E-level Management
} Neuspeed 25mm RSB


HR Super Sport Springs
Bilstien Shocks/ Struts
8380 Coils


} Pioneer BT3200
} Pioneer 10” Sub
} Precision Power Amp
} Stealth Box

False Floor



} Work VS-XX Polished Lips, Gold Faces w/ Gold Bolts F: 18x8 R: 18x9 et.38


Huffs F/R: 18x7.5 et.56
OEM Monoblock Aero 1’s F/R: 18x8.5 et.31
BBS LM’s Polished Lips, Gold Faces w/ Black Bolts F: 17x8 R: 17x9 et.40


} OEM Audi Special Edition A4 Wheels F/R: 17x7.5

Flat Black Stock Audi A4 F/R: 17x7.5
Audi Excaliburs F/R: 17x7.5
Flat Black VW Salamanca F/R: 17x7.5
HRE 549's F/R: 17x8 et. 38

March 2010:
I picked up her up:
2006 BMP GTI 6 spd. w/ 29,986 miles

Day One Stock Mode 4x4 by Rus.K, on Flickr

Like everyone else, I tried to keep her stock for a while but didn’t last long. It started with small simple mods: White smiley, White VW emblem, Yellow fogs, Color Matched side markers.

October 2010:
I thought this was the lowest I would ever want to go… Picked up some HR Super Sport Springs and Bilstien Shocks and Struts.

HR Super Sport Springs by Rus.K, on Flickr

Bilstien Stocks/Struts by Rus.K, on Flickr

East Canyon: Jermey Ranch by Rus.K, on Flickr

Favortie 2 by Rus.K, on Flickr

November 2010:
She sat like this all throughout winter:

**Winter Setup**

IMG_0094 by Rus.K, on Flickr

Not having any money being a college student, I needed something to tide me over. Decided to DIY paint my huffs white with gloss black inserts like the “new” Detroits.

June 2011:

IMG_0363 by Rus.K, on Flickr

DSC_0294 by Rus.K, on Flickr

This didn’t last long and ended up being the start to a long and endless pursuit to finding the right set of wheels. Two weeks later I found a set of OEM Mercedes Monoblock Areo 1’s on craigslist.

June 2011:

DSC_0171 by Rus.K, on Flickr

DSC_0150 by Rus.K, on Flickr

DSC_0105 by Rus.K, on Flickr

I also finally got some Euro R32 Tails to clean up the rear a bit:

IMG_0448 by Rus.K, on Flickr

August 2011:
Found another set of wheels on Craigslist and thought I would give them a try. I had never seen these before on a MKV and thought it could be unique. Audi Excalibur wheels 17x7.5. et.45

IMG_0693 by Rus.K, on Flickr

September 2011:
Picked up a Rep Votex Front Lip:

IMG_0712 by Rus.K, on Flickr

September 2011:
Finally found my Dream set of wheels! Staggered REAL BBS LM’s. 17x8/9
Had to do a bit of refinishing but finally got them looking good enough to ride around on.

IMG_0863 by Rus.K, on Flickr

With wheels like these, you need to be a bit lower…

Picked up some 8380 coils:

IMG_0955 by Rus.K, on Flickr

DSC_0579 by Rus.K, on Flickr

University of Utah: SLC, UT by Rus.K, on Flickr

November 2011:
With snow starting to hit the ground, I needed to find a new winter setup. Found some OEM VW Salamanca's off a brand new 2012 Golf.

IMG_1257 by Rus.K, on Flickr

Decided I liked the Murdered out look for winter so I plasti-dipped the Samalacas flat black:

Top of Main: Park City, UT by Rus.K, on Flickr

DSC_0179 by Rus.K, on Flickr

DSC_0403 by Rus.K, on Flickr

Again she stayed like this through winter…

Over winter working two jobs I was able to get her completely paid off and had a bit left over to spend on the ride. Color Matched Lowers! I feel like this cleans up our cars a TON.

April 2012:
Borrowed my buddies wheels for a bit. Audi B7 Titanium’s Powder Coated Candy White. 18x8 et.43 all around:

New Park: Park City, UT by Rus.K, on Flickr

39th Main: Salt Lake City, UT by Rus.K, on Flickr

39th Main2: Salt Lake City, UT by Rus.K, on Flickr

Rode like this for a couple months, but then eventually had to give back those beautiful Titaniums. But with Wuste right around the corner, I had to switch things up a bit.

May 2012:
Talked with the one and only Phil and ended up doing a 3 way trade for some 18” Work VS-XX w/ Gold Bolts. If you don’t know this guy, he is a pleasure doing business with and a stand up guy. Thanks again Phil!

This is how she sits today:

210 E & Central Ave by Rus.K, on Flickr

210 S & Central Ave: Salt Lake City, UT by Rus.K, on Flickr

I still have a ton of plans ahead of me, possible K04 or maybe even some sort of air setup is in the books. Its an on going life style that many of you are familiar with, unfortunately. :laugh:

Thanks for taking a look. Comments and Criticism are always welcome, especially about my more recent pics. Always trying to get better. :thumbup:

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Very nice. Those Titaniums looked the best. This thread and DustinWark's car really make me wish I would've went black. The GTI front end looks best in black. Very clean :thumbup:

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Looks good man, keep up the work:beer:

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July 2012:

Had a run in with a deer, luckily didnt to any major damage. Took over a week to get the adjuster out to see the car :mad:. But everything happens for a reason, and from this misfortune Ill make the best of it :D

Plowin' by Rus.K, on Flickr

Plowin' by Rus.K, on Flickr

Untitled by Rus.K, on Flickr

Big changes coming soon :thumbup:

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Havent been keeping up on this:

Installed a new Rad support, AC condenser, Rad, IC and a few other small parts.

Moving Forward by Rus.K, on Flickr

Moving Forward by Rus.K, on Flickr

A few goodies came in the mail, 4 days later and the help of a few buddies we had it all installed :beer:

Airlift by Rus.K, on Flickr

Accuair/ Elevel by Rus.K, on Flickr

OB2 by Rus.K, on Flickr


Finally Lower by Rus.K, on Flickr

My roommate getting after it :thumbup:

Frame Notch by Rus.K, on Flickr

More Low by Rus.K, on Flickr

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Finally got all my parts back from paint, exhaust re-routed and a new tire back on the VS-XX. Just in time for Euro SL,UT Fest 2012:


Euro SL,UT12 by Rus.K, on Flickr

I was lucky enough to take home 3rd in Best 90+ VW:

Euro SL,UT12 3rd by Rus.K, on Flickr

Hopefully I can get a proper photo shoot of the make over :thumbup:
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