Lamborghinis have a rich history of wild paint schemes and mods. Whether they’re being plated in gold or highlighted to look like something out of Tron , the cars are as much a canvas as they are a speed machine.

But no one (we think) has ever painted their Lamborghini with rattle cans of spray paint. No one, that is, until now.

Meet Project Inspire, a hand painted Lamborghini Huracan from Miami's Rich B. Caliente that was inspired by a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet, and  recently featured in Dub Magazine.

“The owner of the Huracan who is also an artist, Zevi ( @zevigg ), saw [the Stormtrooper helmet that I had painted] and asked if I could paint his entire Huracan with a blend of base colors,” Caliente tells Dub Magazine. “I asked him to give me a day to think about this project since it involved major amounts of time and effort.”

Eventually, though, Caliente, who makes his living painting unique cars, realized that this would be a great rolling showcase for his work.

In all, it took him about three days to complete, with the owner adding some finishing touches, painting his signature character on the car.

Vossen Forged VPS 301s (20” front, 21” rear) were also added to the design to finish the look, and they were painted in the same style as the car.

The result is a truly unique Huracan that has a bit of a raw, rat rod quality about it, that actually suits it.