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Propane injection?

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I'm curious for a friend who wants to do an A2 TDI swap...someone was telling me that propane injection is to a diesel what NOS (NAWSSS!
) is to a gas engine car. I don't know too much about diesels, but it sounds cool
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Re: Propane injection? (VR6 Mk3)

I rode in Prop powered diesels, and it's for real!!!!!
Problem is expense it takes to do it right.
You can do it somewhat cheap, but I don't do things like that.
So yea, just like Nos, you can do it cheap or do it right, but it's going to cost you twice what a Nos system would.
It comes down to this; There are much cheaper ways to get "similar" power gains from a TDI. The question is: How serious are you?
Then there's warranty. You can't hide a Prop system easily. A chip or box, no problem!
Re: Propane injection? (TDi RAY)

I'm used to A4 guys asking that, I sure blew it.
Yes, NOS can be used, I agree. I wouldn't use it on a new TDI but then I don't suggest using propane on new one's either.
Hey, if there's no warranty, and your talking racing use.
Go to town man. Blast off!!! Nitro, propane, PHAT injectors, etc.. the works baby!!!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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