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Re: Proper part number for MONSTER MATS with the right clips.... (theVWinside)

Quote, originally posted by theVWinside »
I have seen numerous people complain that they got monster mats and that they have the wrong clips on them. (Circle vs Oval)
Here are the proper part numbers for the monster mats so you have the right clips for your vehicle:
1K1-061-550-H-041 = OVAL CLIPS
1K1-061-550-HA-041 = ROUND CLIPS
1K1-061-553-H-041 = OVAL CLIPS
1K1-061-553-HA-041 = ROUND CLIPS
1KM-061-550-H-041 = OVAL CLIPS
1KM-061-550-HA-041 = ROUND CLIPS
1K1-061-551-H-041 = OVAL CLIPS
1K1-061-551-HA-041 = ROUND CLIPS

Thank you for posting this information. Will one of the moderator please add this to the FAQ if it has not already been done.
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