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PS Pump and Oil PUMP

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Are these DIY jobs. Anyone have tips on replacing these. Is the PS Pump on the lower pulley? I know, I know , I really need to invest in a Bentley.
Any help is appreciated.
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Re: PS Pump and Oil PUMP (a2_gti)

Never dealt with power steering, but oil pumps are mostly easy. You drop the oil pan (kinda hard to reach the bolts over by the bellhousing/shield area, but other than that should be okay), and you should be able to reach the oil pump. It's probably best to have the car at TDC and pull the disttributor too so you can make sure the gear is lined up. Haven't done it yet myself, so someone else can correct me if there's something special to our cars versus most.

*edit: oh, one warning, which is that it's usually a PITA to be working upside down. If you happen to be pulling the engine out soon that'd be a good time to do it

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Re: PS Pump and Oil PUMP (a2_gti)

R&R of these two items are both fairly straight forward, with the exception of the two bolts mentioned above. (be sure to use a torque wrench on the oil pump) Anyone comfortable with hand tools should eaisily be able to accomplish both.
Re: PS Pump and Oil PUMP (MacroTEk10)

Thanks. I was looking at those two bolts and I can get to them to remove them. It might be a PITA to put back on though. Do I need to prime the pump or something?
Re: PS Pump and Oil PUMP (a2_gti)

The tricky part for the 2 bolts is that the crank end there is aluminum, and easy to strip. I almost screwed that up when I changed my pan gasket. Make sure whatever you use will hold the bolt STRAIGHT when you start it in. Better yet, if you need to change the clutch, do it now and replace the crank seals (pull that shield -- haven't done it but it seems like it should be straightforward. Anyone? Anyone?)
If the engine isn't offline for more than a few days, you can just pull the coil and run the starter for a little while to engage the pump. Don't think it requires pre-priming to work or anything.
Definitely be careful about those 2 bolts. They're harder to get back in than to take out.
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