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PS Rack to Manual Rack Question

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So i searched now but not before i started my adventure and realized I the rack sits lower than the ps rack and i need a new u clamp too. Now my question for you all is where do i find the new u joint and is it the whole column i need or just a piece. Im a bit unsure on the whole thing and a bit of guidance would be greatly appreciated. If you could even shoot me in the right direction to where to pick up the piece asap that would be great as the car is sitting in the middle of my garage

thanks in advance
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Re: PS Rack to Manual Rack Question (zex021)

All you need is a U joint, not an entire column. As far as I know the only place you're gonna find a manual U joint is either at a junkyard or from someone selling it here on Vortex.
ok. by chance maybe have a pic? i have a general idea of what looking for but not exact
Re: (zex021)

Just do a search here for manual u joint - plenty of pics/info in the archived section. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif You'll need the rubber boot that attaches to the firewall, too. Boot might still be available from the dealer...got mine there last year.

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Re: PS Rack to Manual Rack Question (zex021)

you can buy the U clamp and boot both from the dealer.
but not the joint. i asked about the joint at the dealer and its nls
Re: PS Rack to Manual Rack Question (zex021)

yeah the joint isnt there. you need to cruise the classified section and look for one or post in the classifieds that you need one and someone will hopefully help you out
If worse comes to worse, they are not that hard to make. The only difference is the length of the center shaft. If your joints are good they can be reused otherwise there are a couple companies that make the joints, Borgeson is one brand. Then you just fit it measure carefully and weld in a new center shaft. I have made a couple of them for previous cars but the last two I just looped the P/S line and used the power rack. The steering isn't that much harder and it is a whole lot easier to do.
yeah thanks guys. i did post in the classifieds so hopefully something pops up.
as far as making it myself, i dont know how to weld and personally would rather have the right piece. as far as looping the rack goes, my rack was pretty bad and leaking after i pulled it out so far now im just going with the manual, if i go to a ps looped rack down the line then ill keep my joint now
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