Famous for camper demolition, car soccer and trying (yet failing) to destroy a Toyota Hilux, no one could ever accuse the Top Gear crew of being easy on vehicles.  Last week, the boys took a Bentley Continental GT, BMW M6 Gran Coupé and Nissan GTR to the Australian Outback to try their hand at herding cattle.  If you've seen it, chances are that you cringed when James' GTR was rammed by a bull, or at the rocks hitting Jeremy's M6 during the quarry hill climb event.  But while we were only able to see the skin deep effects of such an adventure, what did the cars look like mechanically after the event?


Interestingly, The Supercar Kids posted quite a few images from the garage that is currently working on the Continental GT that Richard used in Australia. From what their source says, the car has lost about 50% of its original value due to the abuse (read: fun), needing a full respray as well as extensive repairs to the undercarriage.  Now, it's safe to assume that Bentley, BMW and Nissan knew exactly what they were getting into ahead of this adventure, and are quite satisfied at the marketing value and exposure of this exercise.  It's also safe to say that the Top Gear gang had an absolutely absurd amount of fun, all while getting paid extremely well for their time.


If only we were all so lucky.