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To prepare for the 700 mile trip, I taped the car up due to fresh paint and to avoid cleaning up a mess of bugs:

We set out to Elkton, MD to meet my buddy Eliseo to cruise down.

About 150 miles into the trip, in Fairfax, VA on 66 exactly, my front passenger corner lost air completely. Luckily we were able to get off the road without damaging the brand new fender.

With "when it rains it pours," in mind, Eliseo's management stopped working at the same time and he couldn't air his car up.

After Eliseo got his car squared away, we discovered that the line to the my front passenger side was rubbing on the rear axle and the axle had worn a tiny hole into it.

We were able to patch the line with a 'shark bite' and continued on our way.

Eliseo rolling somewhere near the VA/TN border:

At the TN/NC border on I26:


Stay tuned...

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love this thread every year. I wanna see the Gaffney Peach, they are supposed to be repainting it. :thumbup:
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