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I’m stuck trying to figure out this electrical issue I’m having. Car in question is a 2010 Golf 2.5l (3 door) owned since new.

When I scan with VCDS I get no codes to help point me in the right direction.

The issue.

My interior dome lights (front/rear) and puddle lights get stuck on an infinite loop of turning on, then dimming out, then instantly turning back on again, then repeats. This happens when I park and I don’t lock my car. It usually takes a little time for this to start happening, like 15-20 min after I park. Sometimes longer, but always happens.

The kicker is if I lock my car the lighting loop will stop. But if I don’t drive the car for a day or so the car has no power, yet the battery isn’t dead. I’ll explain..

I’ll have to pop the door handle cover off and use my key to open the door. When I insert the key into the ignition the car is completely dead. Once I get a battery charger on it for a few seconds my alarm will start going off. My battery charger indicates the battery is charged, and the car will start with no issue.

It seems this lighting loop is causing my car to kick into some anti theft mode?

Since the puddle lights and interior lights are on different fuses I’m thinking it’s possibly a bad microswitch? Maybe a bad BCM?

I mention BCM as I had a detached sunroof drain on the drivers side behind the A-pillar where it inserts into the rubber grommet next to the dash. I didn’t get a chance to fix this as quick as I would of liked. This lighting loop issue started a few months after I noticed my floor randomly getting wet during heavy rain.

All my doors and hatch lock and unlock and show they are open/closed on the MFD. Horn also sounds when locking. Interior lights are OEM bulbs. Puddle lights are from deautokey and have been installed for like 4-5 years now.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
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