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Re: Pulled out my 2002 dbl-DIN CD, pics & wiring diagram (jeanmp3)

I have an idea for this problem of the VAG not being able to read the ecu without the hu in place.It'll involve cut/splicing of the factory harness,though.
(1)Cut the factory connectors from the harness.
(2)Lengthen the wires so they will reach down under the dash.
(3)Splice the factory connectors back onto the ends.
(4)Tap into those lengthened wires at the dash cut out,for use with the new hu.

Now you have the fac hu connectors under the dash.If you have to go to the dealer,just temporarily connect the factory hu under the dash.Turn on the power,and re-enter the security code.

That should be a viable option.Just take a little work.
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