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Purchasing a high milage 2000 Golf/Jetta TDI...help?

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I am new to the TDI world, I am looking to pick up a 2000 Golf/Jetta in the next couple of weeks or so. I have found a nice 2000 TDI Jetta with 191,000km's on it. Blue, tinted windows, really nice looking car. I drive about 1000km's a week to and from work and my '92 8V is just not cutting it on the gas milage. So when I go to look at this car what should I look for? I haven't ever looked at a diesel car before, as this will be my first. Any help you can provide will be appreciated...
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Re: Purchasing a high milage 2000 Golf/Jetta TDI...help? (MXTHOR3)

Is it a 5 speed or auto. If 5 speed, make sure it has had a second timing belt done. They are supposed to be done every 96k, so it is due for one if not done already. Expect to pay around $500-$700 to have that done. It should also have a waterpump installed at this time too. If you can, look into the EGR valve. You need a pair of pliers to remove the rubber elbow, but looking inside (deep inside, so may require a flashlight) will tell youif the intake is clogged. It is inevitable with these cars. If its clean, it was probably cleaned already. If its clogged, add another $200-$250 to have the intake removed & cleaned. If you test drive it and it feel underpowered, try unplugging the MAF sensor as those are also frequent problems with these cars. If it runs better with it unplugged, you need a new MAF sensor. These are around $500 at the dealer, but can be found online for as low as $150. Make sure all the maintenance was done on it. Check receipts if available. Oilchange intervals are every 15k, so don't be scared about that if you notice the long intervals. If you do get the car, make sure to join Freds aka http://www.tdiclub.com for lots of valuable info. Make friends with locals who drive these cars and attend GTG's (get togethers) for some good times. I'm sure there is a member close to you who has a Vag-com, an essential tool for checking things out. I'm sure there are lots of other things that I forgot, but these are some of them. If you need more details, feel free to ask.
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Re: Purchasing a high milage 2000 Golf/Jetta TDI...help? (wingnutII)

Automatic timing belt change interval was 64000 km / 40000 miles. There is a new type timing belt and tensioner (same as that used in late 2001 through 2003) that was specified for 128000 km / 80000 mile changes in 2002. However, dealers are reportedly reluctant to use the new type timing belt in cars that originally came with the old type timing belt.
Car should come with two master keys, one valet key, radio code, owner's manual, and wheel lock key or wheel cover remover in the spare tire tool kit. Tires should be 195/65R15 with load rating 91 and pressure rating 44psi (be careful, it is common to find tires of this size with load rating 89 and pressure rating 35psi). Coolant should be pink or purple VW G12 (not blue, green, brown, or other color).
Maintenance intervals are every 16000 km / 10000 miles. Every one has an oil and filter change and some inspections; every other one has a fuel filter change and more inspections. Oil used during maintenance should have an appropriate diesel engine rating like VW 505.00, ACEA B3 or B4, or API CF-4 (not CF), CG-4, CH-4, or CI-4. Timing belt intervals are described above. Brake fluid change is every two years, regardless of mileage (DOT 4 brake fluid should be used).
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