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Purchasing GLX Manual

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Okay, so I've found a dealer that gave me a good price on a GLX Manual ($27,281 - I know it's not the lowest, but I feel it's fair and I've been treated well). The problem is that the only car in a color I want (silverstone grey was my first choice, blue anthracite my second - no silverstones in the region, 1 blue anthracite) is at a dealer that apparently does not want to do a dealer trade (I'll find out for sure tomorrow). The person I'm dealing with at my dealer has told me that if the other dealer will not trade, she will tell me who that dealer is so I can purchase from them. I've been treated so well, that I would prefer to purchase from my dealer, except that I want the car now. There are 10 of these cars in the region total, the only other color I would consider is fresco green, but it is a distant 3rd color choice. My dilemma is should I purchase the car from the other dealer (who obviously has issues with service, since they won't do a dealer trade), purchase the fresco, or order the car? I don't really want to wait but I really want a silverstone or anthracite.
What do you all think I should do? And why won't the dealer trade? Argh!!!
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Re: Purchasing GLX Manual (ErinG)

First of all, let me say that the individual that you are dealing with is
certainly being very generous, but walking a very fine line in terms of
loyalty to here employer. On more than one occasion I have referred
clients that are looking for a VW EuroVan Camper(We are not an Authorized
Camper retailer), to friends who are...but this is a very different situation.
The Dealer that is refusing to do this trade is taking this stand for a variety
of possible reasons...First...it could be secondary to not getting a car that they wanted recently, or they may feel that failing to get the car that you want
from your Dealer; you will in fact get it from them.
Here is a suggestion...Call the Dealership with the car, ask for the General
Manager...Tell him that you want that car and that you understand that the
Sales Manager will not do the trade...Make it quite clear that the Dealership
that you are dealing with will order the car for you, but that you would really
*prefer* sooner than later...the prefer part is very important; car dealers
can be like dogs...they can smell fear & desperation! *Suggest* to the
General Manager that all things being equal, no publicity is MUCH better than
bad publicity, and that if they stay the course and refuse to do the trade, that
you will remind every person that you know who is interested in buying a VW
just how *cordial* the refusing Dealer has been and how absolutely wonderful
your SalesPerson is. And that you would much prefer to wait for this Passat
to be built for you than to deal with a firm that maintains a posture such as
theirs. Thank him for his time and go get your car.
Like all business' sometimes the tail wags the dog...The GM may have no idea
what his Sales manager is doing or in this case not doing.
There is also the possibility that the other Dealer could have a deal pending
on your car...Who is to say?
I hope that this helps a little bit...And, just maybe you will get the news that
they will do the trade tomorrow...Good Luck & Merry Christmas
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Re: Purchasing GLX Manual (ErinG)

Speaking from some experience, make sure you get a color that you want. Do not settle on another color for a car that costs so much. I waited and VWGuild found the exact color combo I wanted. Every time I see it I say it was worth waiting for. Good luck with the dealer-trade thing.
Re: Purchasing GLX Manual (ErinG)

If possible, see if you can do some research on both dealers and see how their service records are. I noticed you mentioned the issue of service, and it is a very important issue, because a dealer with bad service can be a cause of a lot of trouble in the future. In my personal opinion I'd rather go for a slightly worse color and good dealer service.
Anyway, good luck.
Re: Purchasing GLX Manual (Jason D)

Just a word on that 2002 GLX Manual in Blue Anthracite: it ROCKS.
Mine is six weeks old...
The color looks great in the sun (almost 100% charcoal grey) and great in the shade (more blue). Lots of compliments on it.
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Re: Purchasing GLX Manual (ErinG)

GET THE COLOR YOU WANT. PERIOD. If you can't find one locally, check out http://www.carsdirect.com and if that doesn't work then order the car. The carsdirect price for a 2002 GLX manual in my zip code (92116) is $27,736, which is $750 over invoice. Also, do not even think about caving in and getting a tiptronic to broaden your color selection.
We paid $500 over invoice and our car was ordered. It arrived after 2 months.
Regarding what vwguild said: Forget the general manager. Contact the internet/fleet manager - this person is usually much less involved in all the squabbling and office politics and justs want to sell cars. It doesn't matter where you buy the car you can get it serviced at the place you feel gives you the best service.
Re: Purchasing GLX Manual (ErinG)

Well, I'm happy to say that the trade has happened and I am the proud owner of a new 2002 Blue Anthracite GLX Manual Passat. Luckily, I didn't need to use vwguild's suggestion, but I was ready to! Thanks for all the comments!
By the way, my dealer, who was great, was McMinnville Volkswagen, who I recommend to anyone in the Portland, OR area. Even though it may be a bit of a drive, they seem to be well worth it.
Re: Purchasing GLX Manual (ErinG)

Congratulations & Welcome to the VW Family...Like I said last night, there
may have been something going on that your Dealer was not aware of...
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Re: Purchasing GLX Manual (ErinG)

I was looking for a Silverstone/black 5 speed GLX back in Oct and I need to order mine. I am still waiting for mine come in (another 3 weeks??) Well but like somebody else said, get what you want!! It's better to wait a little bit to get what you want instead of getting something that you don't want and trade in within a year or so. I hope you luck to find what you want and good pick!!
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