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putting a V8 into a Jeep

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how would you go about putting a V8 into a CJ5/7, or even a newer wrangler?
like, if I bought a beat up old CJ5 with a 4 banger for a few hundred bucks... how difficult would it be to yank the engine for something with some torque...
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Re: putting a V8 into a Jeep (Chapel)

Try http://www.jeepsunlimted.com/

Not too hard. Best bet is to buy a CJ-5 or CJ-7 w/ the I6 and put an AMC V8 in since they're the same mounts and BH pattern.
4Banger would have same BH as Chevy but the tranny is only an SR4 or T5 and would grenade behind a good V8.
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