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Morr Wheels has the technology that makes these wheels strong and light.

The new SpunForged product line is lighter, wider, and stronger than its predecessors. The new VS8.2 weighs approximately 8.87-kg (19.52-lbs) making it about 1.03-kg (2.26-lbs) lighter than the MonoForged™ VS8. This weight reduction was achieved by implementing several advanced manufacturing processes including flow-forming, which reduces barrel thickness by up to ten-percent, Vehicle Specific Profiles (VSP) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) by using Vehicle Specific Load Ratings (VSLR) and Vehicle Specific Weight Optimization (VSWO).

Vehicle Specific Profiles (VSP) & Vehicle Specific Weight Optimization (VSWO): By y using VSLR and VSWO, weight can be reduced by eliminating the need of using excessive load ratings due to the wheel blanks being shared with higher rated platforms. MORR manufactures wheel blanks exclusively for every design it produces, allowing us to engineer the blanks according to the specific load ratings of the vehicle brand & model we are making the wheel for. This in turn increases our production costs, but allows us to make a far superior wheel.

Vehicle Specific Profiles (VSP): Through VSP, we can minimize excessive back spacing in our wheel blanks. Adding material to the back pad is required when sharing blanks among different platforms, increasing the weight and required excessive machining of the back pad which could compromise the integrity of the final product. Our SpunForged blanks are vehicle specific, thus requiring minimum machining of the back pad, resulting in a lighter wheel without compromising its integrity.

Finite Element Analysis: During the design stage, our engineers run FEA simulations to ensure the weight optimization process does not sacrifice wheel strength. To ensure our wheels are ultra-lightweight and equally as strong, our SpunForged product line is manufactured using only the highest grade 6061-T6 Aluminum. All of our wheels conform to the strict international standards of wheel quality and manufacturing, which include VIA/JWL and TuV-Rheinland. Our SpunForged™ VS8.2 is rated at the new safety standard of 690-kg (1520-lbs) per corner; an increase of 30-kg over the previous standard, making the wheel significantly more resistant to load. Our MonoForged and SpunForged are also subject to extensive Rotary Bending Fatigue, 13-degree Impact @ 0-degrees, 13-degree impact @ spoke, Radial Load Endurance and Radial Load Fatigue physical testing.

Available in MonoForged 19" Starts at $3500 per set and 20" $4875 per set

or MultiForged 19"-22" starting at $1561/wheel - $1880/wheel

CALL for PYSpeed Promotional Price.:thumbup:

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