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As mentionned in the title I have a pair of Q5 4 pistons Brembo calipers.

These are the 320mm version and are bolt on on B6’s using B7 A4 rotors, bolt on on B7 A4 and B8 A4/A5 using the stock rotors. (MK3 brake lines and an extra brake pad wear sensor is required for B6/7)

These have been freshly powder coated red, rebuilt with new piston seals, new dust boot and have Porsche decals.

New’ish Oem pads (Textar) with 95% left are included.

If you want more info for this BBK install on a B6/B7 just google « Q5 mild bbk » and you’ll find the DIY I made 4-5 years ago.

Pros :

1- Fixed caliper vs floating
2- 4 Pistons vs 1
3- Lightweight aluminium vs heavy cast
4- 5 minutes pad change
5- Scene points

Cons :

1- None

595$ Shipping TBD

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