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Our 2017 Q7 Prestige has been having a few interior lighting issues that I am trying to figure out before I start replacing parts. Right now I’m leaning towards it being the overhead console, but was hoping to get some input before replacing.

From time to time we’ll pull into the garage, exit the vehicle, and within 10-20 minutes I’ll step back out to the garage and notice that an interior light is on. First time it happened it was the driver map light. Fixed by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. Second time it happened it is was the rear overhead lights. Again, fixed by disconnecting the battery. In between those times we had an issue with the light buttons on the overhead console not responding to input. (Example: press the button to turn on the rear lights, nothing would happen) Again, fixed by disconnecting the battery. Currently we aren’t having any issues with lights coming on when not in the vehicle, however, when I turn on the rear lights via the overhead button, the bulbs consistently dim by 20-30% then return to 100% at about 5 second intervals.

I have ruled out any vehicle settings in the MMI and do not believe opening/closing doors has any impact.

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