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UO won 17-14 interesting ending.... good game tho...
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Re: quack! (eurorider)

for a sec there i thought oregon state was gonna take it!!!!
Re: quack! (K-FIZZEES SLCZ)

harrington made a fumble in the last min of the game.. but lucky one of the denfensive end intercepted a pass
... whoo still a game great to think about..
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Re: quack! (eurorider)

Ducks got lucky. They couldn't even move the football until that stupid punt return.
BEAVS are still the best team in Oregon!!

U of O is a good team, but no where close to playing in the Rose Bowl. And give me a break, Harrington for Heisman. He was out thrown by a 5'10" walk on who threw for 252 yards. Harrington only had 104 passing yards for the night and fumbled the ball during a key possesion.

Total Yds. first dwns.
OSU 359 19
UofO 209 10

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Re: quack! (95vw)

i do think they are good.. but not good enough to beat the ducks.... SORRY!

ohh did you forget ... that UO had a long ass break before they played with OSU... still beat them.. in a wet weather, where UO is strong at passing.. no excuses for OSU... tsk tsk...
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The only team that could beat UO would be a chipped 1.8T
Re: quack! (matt007)

They got extremely lucky. Offense didn't do squat. Defense played... horrible passing coverage. Morretti and another guy (can't remember who) were pretty much the only two defensive players making big plays. Those two guys, the return by Howry, and the interception at end was what salvaged the game.
They also got a break when Colorado beat Texas.
Overall, it was the worst performance I've seen this season. Worse than the way they played against Stanford. They know better and could've done better. But, hey, a win is a win right?
They're good, but I don't think they're on the same level as Miami or Nebraska.
Class of '95

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