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My father 22 years ago in german bought a white Vw Santana 1982. My first look wtf? Audi 80? :confused: The car was really good shape, engine 1.6 Diesel. I dont have much pics with that car. The car was made almost 310 000 miles without problems.

After a lot of years I had accident.

I didnt have a car to drive so i found in 2004 vw passat trophy prod.1987.

Really clean, car had some places with rust. But not big deal. Engine 1,6 four cylinders. Gasoline.

The Passat trophy didnt have a equipment like Quantum has, and engine was to small for me.
One time i see announcement about VW Passat 2.3 5 cyl. 1987 y. After talking it turned out that car is Quantum :)

The car looked really bad, noises from the engine, everywhere was oil, problems with starting, whole equipments didnt worked. But i'm still interest :)

On 2006y i started project

I have to prepare mounts for the engine. I cut some from the front because 5cyl was to long..


I made a lot of holes for AC and cables but like in oryginal.

I sandblast engine, suspension parts, engine chamber and a few things.
Front suspension are KONI with hardness regulation and they are short and thick.
Rear supension are from mk2 golf H&R
I change almost everything in the engine: new bearings, rings, gaskets, hydraulics pushers and more...


December 2007

March 2008

June 2008

Juli 2008

October 2008 quantum to scrap.

December 2009

In the meantime i had problems with water inside car after rain.

I made temporary.

I leave a roof from black Quantum so i started with that f... rust.

Later i made roof maintenance.

I checked with water, and i can say now its working :)

January 2010


The paint was ok but didn't perfect so i started again with preapering and painting.

June 2011

I had one week before my weeding and i put together whole parts in to my car :)


Will be more more. Bigger wheel something 16 9J with stretched tires. Maybe the car will go more down, i have to finish AC, i dont have one pipe from compresor, another exhaust and more chrome on the engine.

I would like to say thanks:beer::beer: for JohnBarleyCorn and rest people who they help me to get parts.

More on www.vwsantana.pl

sorry for my english :) :beer:

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What an amazing transformation! Great job and your car looks beautiful! Well done! :thumbup::heart:
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