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Edmunds.com European contributor Alistair Weaver is on location in Zurich this week for the launch of the Audi Q3 and came up with some interesting news. According to Weaver, quattro GmbH boss Stefan Reil revealed that while the decision whether or not to produce the quattro Concept decision has yet to be made, the final outcome is expected to be known by September's Frankfurt Auto Show.

We did catch what we believe to be a mistake in the story, a mention of the RS 5's engine needing a re-work. Reil is quoted as saying "We need more power than the RS 5," and, in regards to the engine "... it needs to be mounted longitudinally instead of transversely".

There's no instance of the RS 5's 4.2 ever being fitted transversely while the 2.5 TFSI of the quattro Concept has only ever been fitted transversely in any production guise in which it's been sold. For this reason, we doubt there's a change in plan and that the quattro would use the 2.5 TFSI if it proceeds.

There are a few other points we didn't want to miss in the story. First, Reil said it'd take 2-3 years before the quattro Concept could be sold were it to be green-lighted. Second, the quattro GmbH boss mentioned a running prototype and we suspect that's "The Beast" A5 we featured earlier.

Check out the original Edmunds link (with even more news tidbits) after the first jump below. We've also linked our driving impression stories of the quattro Concept and of "The Beast" for your reference.

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