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Question about BOV...

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Alright i have a 2.0T for thoose who don't know. Anyways i have a Turbo XS BOV and am venting to atmosphere. Shoul my BOV be closed during idle, my idle seems to be rough. On the directions that came with the BOV it said for it to be open but i think that was if i was using it as a DV. Anyways im a big dummy and need help
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Re: Question about BOV... (GTI RB)

The BOV is open any time the manifold sees vac. Look at your guage, and realize it's open like 90% of the time. What kind of injectoin do you have? That will tell you how much problem you have with air geting around it. If it's G60 it has a MAP, if it's a Digifant, it's got a MAS, if it's CIS-or CIS-e it's got a fuel metering Venturi. I've been through it on the Cis-e ad see the post about exh flames. I know the MAP cars can vent with no probs. The MAFS cars yu'll have to place the MAFS after the BOV somehow to get it to meter properly. When Air gets in that's not accounted for, it leans the mixture and the car has to blindly try to dump fuel in to adjust.
Good luck.
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