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Hi folks, first post here- I've been bitten by the Corrado bug after seeing a pair in Performance VW (and overtaking a lovely VR6 every day on the way home, that thing's sweet), just starting to get a feel for what i'm looking from from the FAQs, but I couldn't find much info on the euro options- the 2 litre engines, 8 and 16.
One thing I should say, this is a first car, I've got years of bike ownership and rebuilding under me though- so I'm not terrified of the idea of a potential money pit. Every vehicle I buy is a money pit, it just depends whether I spend the cash on fixing or modding

From looking at the same motors in GTIs, it seems a relatively reliable plant, and no supercharger to go wrong. Obviously, not so much power- the 8V claims 115 brake, the 16V 136. I'm not a max-power, high speed chaser so that's not a killer, and in any case my bike'll make any car I can afford look like a slug so I'm not going to knock my pan in looking for power
Though, it's always nice!
Sooo... Any opinions/recommendations on those engines? Hidden advantages or disdvantages? They're pretty common over here, cheaper and cheaper to run, and I'm thinking more reliable at that. But when is it ever that simple?
I reckon this is a pretty US-based site... But I'm sure there'll be some folks who know about these beasties here, right? Any advice is appreciated
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