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Question about my bumper.... Help!!

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OK its winter here in NY so I have all this stuff that I cant put on my car until spring.
Now with my RS bumper(Deitrich) will I need anything else other than what came with the bumper to put it on? It came with the grill some epoxy in a calk tube, and screws with a plastic bracket. Is the fitment good on these? I figured for Over $450 it should be. When Honda guys can spend that much on a whole kit. So could someone with some knowledge on this front give me a hand with it? Please!! It has no instructions either, I bought it from NGP if that matters. Thanx!!
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Re: Question about my bumper.... Help!! (CNY_VDUB)

Can't comment on your specific bumper, but my front bumper cost me $500 and it was impossible to install on my own. I had to take it to a body shop and the guy had to mold it to fit my car. The idiots who make this stuff, throw a huge price tag on it, but the merchandise never fits properly. If you want it to look good I recommend taking it to a shop and having them work with it. I had to pay the guy $200 to make it fit perfectly. Also, go to someone who is experienced in working with body kits. The guy i went to does a lot of cars for Turbo mag, so I didn't feel bad giving him the 200 bucks, cause i knew he would hook me up. So if you want the bumper to look perfect, be ready to dish out some $$$.
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